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Creative Tabletop Vase

Bring a burst of botanical brilliance to any tabletop, kitchen island, or windowsill with this rustic-chic table vase! An absolute creative accent piece, that is sure to spark interesting conversation! Crafted with sheer creativity and vintage design, this tabletop vase bears all of the essential qualities of the classic decor item.


This Creative Tabletop Vase is made for the individual who can appreciate uncommon décor trends. This modest tabletop vase is a must-have for plant and designer lovers alike. This unique vase retains an element of simple sophistication and is so decorative that one may forget it serves a practical purpose: keeping plants healthy and blooming within a home. One to two hydroponic glass vases create the perfect place to display fresh flowers, plants or other decorative items.

RUSTIC-CHIC DESIGN: Pleasantly offbeat, this excellent example of a notable vase will bring your table an element of old-fashioned nostalgia. A unique product like this, appeals to anyone who appreciates the undeniable charm of unconventional decorative vases.

UNIQUE DÉCOR: Add this one-of-a-kind tabletop vase and liven up your space with a subtle touch of greenery. Our unique vase will flaunt your rootless plants and will bring life to any space.

PREMIUM MATERIALS: This vase is made of premium materials, combining natural wood, metal rods, delicate crystal and a rustic element. The slightly charred and aged wood, fastened with an eclectic array of odds-and-ends screws and nails, creates an image of unpretentious playfulness: the absolute best of folk art.


• Rustic Chic Style
• Tabletop Vase
• Material Consists of Glass, Wood, and Metal
• Available in Three Designs
• Single = 13.5x10 cm (5.3x4 in)
• Double Symmetric = 13.5x10 cm (5.3x4 in)
• Double Asymmetric = 18x10 cm (7x4 in)
• Plants Not Included