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Bulbasaur plant pot

THE BEST GIFT FOR POKE FANS - Guaranteed to be loved by all PokeFans! Bulbasaur planter is perfect gift for special occasions!

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Can be used for plants such as succulents, cactus and many more! It can also used as a decorative piece around your home or office.

MATERIAL - Crafted with high quality polyresin ceramic that is non-toxic and is paint glazed and heat treated for added color and strength.

PERFECT DESIGN - There is a small hole in the bottom of the pot that allows water to drain after watering. When used as a decoration the hole can be plugged with included rubber plug.

Care Instructions: Regular detergent or dish washing soap can be used to clean the planter. Use a soft cloth to clean the planter dry.

NEVER use a metal based scrubber as it will chip off the paint and damage the body.

NEVER use a strong acid based liquid cleaner as it will damage the body. 

Please contact us if there are any issues! We pride ourself on cutomer service.


L:13cm(length)/ 7.5cm(width)

M:11.5cm(length)/ 6.5cm (width)

S: 9cm (length) / 5cm (width)

XS: 6.8cm (length) / 4cm (width)

Estimated Processing Time 24-72 hours and Delivery in 10-20 Business Day